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Frequently Asked Questions

January 29, 2020


Patients are responsible for following up with the doctor regarding their test results. We expect all our patients to discuss test results with the doctor in person. We receive hundreds of results daily. For privacy and logistical reasons, we cannot provide test results over the phone, nor inform you about the receipt of test results. If your result is abnormal, we will make every effort to get a hold of you but generally encourage a follow-up visit one week after testing. 

Telephone messages and callbacks

We receive numerous messages. Please do not leave messages, requests for callbacks, or requests for prescription renewals. Telephonic interruptions distract us from giving full attention to booked patients. They also create medical errors and disorganize our workflow, which results in longer waiting times. In addition, telephonic medical advice is an uninsured service. Please book an appointment online at 


All requests for investigation require repeat consultation and physical examination. Please do not call the clinic for requisitions, even if it is a replacement form because you have lost a former requisition.  


We will accommodate renewals as soon as possible. Still, it is your responsibility as a patient to ensure that you have enough medication to last until your next appointment. All patients on prescription medication require regular monitoring and have to be reassessed periodically by a physician. Your doctor is continually studying the latest research. That means that you need to frequently undergo symptom interrogation, drug interaction checking, and surveillance laboratory investigation. In addition, faxed and telephonic refill requests are an uninsured service.

The doctor is fully booked

Go to to view availability. Our online schedule accurately reflects appointment availability. The platform is updated continuously and calling the clinic will not create extra time slots. Typically, our online Open Access Booking System accommodates patients with same-day or next-day appointments. We are also working on an online cancellation list. 

Referrals and referral waiting times

Please do not call the clinic asking about referral waiting times. Please do not leave messages regarding your referral. Alberta doctors send referrals to a Primary Care Network (PCN), which employs a dedicated team of Referral Coordinators who improve access and coordination of care for patients across the province. Once the PCN contacts an appropriate specialist, specialists triage the referral letter, and the specialist decides when patients are seen. Alberta specialists usually contact the patient directly with appointment details within one month. If you have not received an estimated waiting time or date after a month of waiting, you can contact the Lloydminster PCN at 780 874 0490 or book an appointment to see the doctor for re-evaluation. 

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