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June 3, 2017

A recent survey among physicians and pharmacists have identified the top over-the-counter brands recommended by Canadian professionals.

Adult allergies: Reactine

Children’s allergies: Benadryl

Nausea: Gravol

Children’s painkiller: Tylenol

Painkilling cream: Voltaren

Scar/stretch mark therapy: Bio-Oil

Sunscreen: Ombrelle

Wart treatment: Compound W

Cold sore cream: Abreva

Vaginal lubrication: Replens

Antibiotic cream: Polysporin

Antibiotic eye and ear drops: Polysporin eye and ear drops

Dry eye drops: Systane

Vaginal yeast infection cream: Canestan

Vaginal yeast infection pill: CanesOral

Iron supplement: Feramax

Laxative: Lax-A-Day

Lice treatment: Nix

Natural cold remedy: Cold-FX

Pregnancy test kit: First Response

Blood Glucose Monitor: OneTouch

Blood Pressure Monitor: Omron

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