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Home Blood Pressure Monitoring

December 13, 2013

Self-recorded blood pressure (BP) measurements taken at home may be more accurate than BP readings taken in the clinician’s office. Home BP monitoring can identify white coat syndrome, and helps track the response to antihypertensive medications.

Some studies suggest that home BP measurements may trump clinic blood pressures in predicting negative outcomes (eg. stroke, kidney disease).

Blood pressure varies widely during the day, being influenced by factors such as stress (particularly at work), smoking, caffeine intake, natural circadian variation, and exercise. It is, therefore, essential that multiple readings are taken … to establish an average number. It is this average that will drive treatment decisions.

Home BP values ≥135/85 mmHg should be considered high and equivalent to office readings of ≥140/90 mmHg.

Blood pressure targets are not the same for everyone. Targets are different in diabetics (<130/80 mm Hg). Patients with chronic kidney disease or coronary artery disease  should aim for ≤120 mmHg and the very elderly (≥ age 80 years) should aim for a target of <150 mm Hg at home or <160 mm Hg in doctor’s office.

Learn How To Measure Your Blood Pressure At Home:

Download the PDF by following this link or view the document below:


Hypertension Canada has a list of recommended devices online.


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