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What is your risk?

November 4, 2013

Today, Google celebrated mathematics wizard Shakuntala Devi‘s 84th birthday with a doodle.

Galileo once said the universe is written in the language of mathematics. It is by learning to read the patterns of the world, that we can forecast the future.

Like Galileo looking down his refracting telescope, doctors also stare into the unknown; predicting and assigning probability to several possible outcomes.

We do so by using clinical calculators that crunch numbers to solve complex mathematical equations. They allow us to determine the probability of disease and shift our paradigm from reactive to proactive care. A good doctor, in my opinion, prefers to prevent–instead of treat– illness.

There are several calculators designed to support medical decision making and disease risk stratification. Below, you will find interactive tools that help to calibrate your risk of disease.

Remember, they are not meant to substitute the opinion of a treating physician because they lack additional data that only your doctor will have access to.

Risk of coronary heart disease (10 year prediction)

Breast Cancer risk assessment

Risk of diabetes

Invest in your health tomorrow, by getting yourself checked today!

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